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Our Process

Repute water purification process involves eight stages, which ensures expected effect of pure and natural water. To be transparent, we unveil the following eight stages.
       Sand Filteration
       Carbon Filteration
       Micron Filteration
       Reverse Osmosis System
       Ultra Violet Sterilizer
       Stringent Quality Check as per BIS

Bureau of International Standards (BIS) Certification offered by BIS under code IS:14543 is an endorsement to the top quality of our product. We have designed our packaging system in such a way that it keeps the water preserved for a quiet long time. Food graded PET materials more than 85% transparency is used for packing Repute water as per BIS.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Certification is an endorsement to the safety and good standards for our product.

Our manufacturing unit has better capacity of producing purified water and is handled by professionally skilled chemists, micro-biologists and experienced technicians.
Do you know?
Although the brain is only 1/50th of the body weight, Brain tissue is 85% water.
Brain Tissues
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